Awards & Internship

Awards Scholarships

OMCA recognizes the work and achievements of established industry professionals, in addition to outstanding individuals who are working their way into the transportation and tourism industry. OMCA also takes pride in giving back to the community by supporting disadvantaged youth and helping to provide them opportunities to develop and enjoy the valuable experience of travel.

New for 2017, the OMCA Development Fund Committee is offering an internship program for summer placement jobs.  As with the former program, the internship is available to students enrolled in a travel or tourism program at recognized post-secondary schools or institutions.


Every year OMCA presents a variety of awards to our members. These awards are presented each year at our Annual Marketplace to those who have made a significant contribution in their industry or for outstanding excellence in their category.

The Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund provides scholarships to the disadvantaged Canadian youth under the age of 18 to travel with classmates on school sanctioned trips. OMCA is proud to partner with The Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund for many of our events.