The OMCA Team staff are a dedicated team of professionals who manage the association’s affairs including the Marketplace, advocacy on key issues affecting the bus and tourism industries and providing members with up to date information through a variety of communications channels.

Please note that the contact details below are for informational and membership purposes only; unsolicited electronic messages are strongly discouraged.

Photo of Doug Switzer
Doug Switzer

President & CEO

Doug is responsible for the day-to-day management of OMCA, including policy, staff, government, and media relations. 416-229-6622 x222
Photo of Mardi Schueler
Mardi Schueler

General Manager

Mardi manages all aspects of the office, in addition to finance and membership. Mardi also works closely with the Tour Operator Council, Development Fund Committee and Buyer Membership Development Committee and arranges Education Sessions for… 416-229-6622 x226
Photo of Laura Huether
Laura Huether

Events Manager

Laura manages all of the association’s meetings and events, including the Annual Marketplace and the Golf Tournament.  Laura works with the Supplier Council, as well as the Conference Committee and the Golf Committee. 416-229-6622 x227
Photo of Christine Loo
Christine Loo

Marketing and Communications Manager

Christine handles all membership newsletters and publications, and is Managing Editor of Road Explorer Magazine. Christine creates marketing materials, and manages OMCA’s website and social media. 416-229-6622 x223