Advocacy Efforts

The following is a list of campaigns and initiatives that OMCA has participated in to put pressure on all levels of government to understand the struggles that our industry continues to face and to provide the assistance that our members desperately need. If you have any questions about these campaigns or OMCA’s advocacy efforts, please contact us at

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Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses Summer Campaign

Initiated July 6th, 2021
With CERS and CEWS programs winding down and expiring this fall, hardest hit businesses such as those in the travel and tourism industry still need assistance to avoid shuttering.

Letter to Minister Freeland re: Extension of CEWS, CERS and Reopening the Border

Sent May 18th, 2021
OMCA wrote a letter to Minister Freeland asking for an extension to the CEWS and CERS programs as well as a clear plan for the border reopening. Members were called upon to send a similar letter to their local MPs and we have since met with multiple members of parliament and secured their support for this initiative.

Open U.S.-Canada Border Campaign

OMCA is a proud supporter of TIAC’s campaign to open the U.S. – Canada border in order to save the tourism industry from destruction. We encourage all members to take action with the letter writing tool available and spread the word on social media.

Faster Together Campaign

This campaign encourages Canadians to get the vaccine as soon as they are able to. The plan for the reopening of the economy and lifting of restrictions on our personal lives hinges entirely on vaccination rates. For us to get back to living the lives we want, we need to have the majority of Canadians double-dosed to avoid further rapid infection, hospitalization and death rates.
You can help by getting involved with Faster Together directly, or by sharing our #FasterTogether posts on our social media platforms.

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Future Borders Coalition

OMCA is a proud partner of the Future Borders Coalition which works to develop a new vision that will renew the Canada–U.S. border and security relationship. The ultimate objective is to enhance the traveler experience and improve the mobility of people and goods through the Canada–U.S. border (air, land and sea) all while ensuring that safety and security are not compromised, but actually improved.

Letter to Tourism Minister, Lisa MacLeod

Sent December 11, 2020
OMCA wrote to Ontario’s Tourism Minister requesting a tax credit specifically for travellers using a motor coach.

MCC Letter to Minister Chrystia Freeland

Sent December 9, 2020
Motor Coach Canada sent this letter seeking financial aid in the amount of (up to) $39,500 per motor coach which was determined this is the cost of a motor coach sitting idle for 6 months.

MCC Submission to CTA re: ATPDR

Sent December 9, 2020
Exemptions from specific requirements of the ATPDR (Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations) were provided to the motor coach sector in June of 2020 and were set to expire in January, 2021. As such, Motor Coach Canada (MCC) wrote to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) seeking an ongoing extension to the exemption, given the continued government restrictions affecting revenues for the industry.

Premier Letter Writing Campaign

Sent June 19, 2020
OMCA’s first letter writing campaign during the pandemic started with a letter to Tourism Minister Lisa MacLeod and included a draft letter for members to send to Premier Doug Ford asking for grants for tour and coach operators for their marketing plans and subsidy for coaches to offset the costs of trips with fewer passengers.