2019 OMCA Marketplace

EVENT DATE: Sunday, November 3, 2019 - Wednesday, November 6, 2019
LOCATION: The Westin Ottawa

Registration Fees

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All fees below pertain to the 2018 Marketplace and are shown pre-tax (where applicable) and are charged in the currency of the country in which the business is based.


  • Complimentary free registration, maximum 2 delegates per company, per booth (including one appointment-taking delegate) plus hotel accommodation up to 4 (four) nights
  • Appointment-taking delegates are eligible for hotel accommodation (up to 4 nights), conditions apply:
    • Appointment-taking delegates must take a full set of appointments with a minimum of 80 appointments (a full set is 174) over the 3-day marketplace
    • If you choose not to have a full set of appointments or, alternatively, do not meet the minimum of 80 appointments, there will be a charge of $350 to attend (before applicable taxes).
  • A second delegate, non- appointment taking, will make their own hotel arrangements and are not eligible for the complimentary hotel program.
  • Non-members are welcome to print, fill out, and submit the Buyer Registration form (PDF).
  • Conditions apply; please contact Mardi Schueler at mardi@omca.com

*Please note: Accommodation in the Buyers Block at Caesars Windsor is complimentary for each Buyer with a full set of appointments, up to a maximum of four (4) nights (room only).
Buyers must book hotel in the Buyers Block at Caesars Windsor using the official link provided by OMCA, and cover payment for the room, to qualify for the rebate program (with copy of hotel invoice).  The rebate will be sent following Marketplace. Please note that rooms booked with any form of points system will not be reimbursed.  For more details, contact Mardi Schueler at mardi@omca.


Registration fees are based on the seller company’s membership address.  Suppliers must be OMCA members to attend.

  • Canadian Delegates: $995 CAD
    • Second Delegate (Non-appointment-taking): $500 CAD
  • American Delegates: $895 USD
    • Second Delegate (Non-appointment-taking): $450 USD

(*Management Group and National Chain members will be registered as the company listed on the membership; a separate membership and registration is needed for individual hotels or restaurants that are part of those memberships to retain that individual company name.)

Coach Operators

Coach Operator delegates: $450

Product & Services

Products & Services delegates: $450

Additional Guests

  • Ice Breaker, Monday Night Event: $150 per event
  • Lunch: $100 per lunch

*All details and requirements are subject to change.

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Why You Need to Attend the OMCA Marketplace!

OMCA Marketplace – A Great Investment in Your Business’ Success

We already know that the OMCA Marketplace has great events, amazing food, and an intimate “family” feeling. And while all that’s great, we also know that what really matters is the business you do there, the return that you can generate on your investment in time and money.

When OMCA asked the University of Guelph’s Business School Tourism and Hospitality Department to survey Marketplace participants to measure the economic value of attending, to put some hard numbers around the ROI of participating in marketplace, and this is what they found:

For Suppliers:

  • Over $5 million in business was booked on the marketplace floor, an average of $16,800 per participant.
  • Another $14 million in post-show bookings, an average of $41,700 per participant.
  • As a result of the show suppliers booked some 6,000 tours, an average of 17 per participant
  • On average suppliers walked away from the show with 17 solid leads.

For Tour Operators:

  • Tour operators reported meeting an average of 23 new suppliers;
  • They booked business with 10 of these,
  • And generated on average 7 new business ideas as a result of attending.
  • They also reported that as a result of attending they felt strongly that they received better rates, and better service, from the suppliers that they formed a relationship with through Marketplace.

So the question isn’t whether can you afford attend OMCA’s marketplace, the question is, can you afford not to?

Volunteer Opportunities

To become a volunteer during Marketplace, please fill out and submit the Volunteer form (PDF) or contact Stevie McKeeman at stevie@omca.com

View the full Marketplace program schedule at a glance, including Coach Operator and Open sessions.

Learn ways to build up your business, stay up to date with the latest technology and other industry developments. Seminars target tour operators, coach operators and sellers.

Host and overflow hotels for Marketplace can be found here; be sure to book early! View hotel websites, accommodation options and available rates.

Delegates can check here to see when their appointments are scheduled (as determined by membership category) when making travel plans and booking accommodations.

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