Marketplace FAQ

Those who have attended our event in the past may be able to envision the virtual version that 2020 has demanded, while others may have a difficult time envisioning it. Below are some answers to common questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact

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1. What is a marketplace style conference?

A marketplace conference is a bit like speed dating for businesses. Everyone has an appointment schedule of what time they will be meeting and with who. Each appointment is timed as the seller highlights their product or service and the buyer asks questions.

2. What will virtual appointments look like?

Much like the style of meetings we have grown used to during COVID-19, the virtual appointments will be a video meeting between the buyer and the seller. The software that hosts the appointments will know who your next appointment is with, will have a countdown until your next appointment and will automatically load that person's video feed when the appointment begins. See the infograph below for a visual reference:

3. How long are the appointments?

The appointments are each 7 minutes in length. There is a one-minute breather between each appointment to allow for a mental transition.

4. Will I have the ability to share information?

During your appointment, you will be able to share your screen to display information (similar to a brochure you might display in person) and you will have the opportunity to upload an information sheet (similar to the single-page document that sellers provide to each buyer in person) prior to your appointments.

5. What happens during the virtual Morning Kick-Off?

Before appointments begin, there will be a short introductory time while everyone consumes their morning caffeine and gets pumped up to reconnect with industry colleagues. Each morning sponsor will have a different and exciting agenda planned to start your morning off right!

6. What can we expect during the Lunch Break?

This will be your chance to stretch your legs, take a personal break and grab a bite to eat. While munching, there will be a presentation each day to keep you informed and entertained. On Monday, Dr. Peter Tarlow will be speaking on the current North American travel industry and on Tuesday, Ottawa Tourism will live up to their reputation in providing Grade-A entertainment before heading into the final afternoon appointments. 

7. Will we have other breaks?

Yes. There will be a pre-scheduled break in the morning and afternoon for all delegates. These breaks are also sponsored and will host a few short minutes of entertainment value.

8. What does a virtual Networking Social look like?

Although we are still in the process of planning this portion, the online networking social is a chance to have non-scheduled conversations with potential clients or industry colleagues that you haven't seen in a while. It will still be video conversations, but there will be more freedom in who you can interact with and how many people you can interact with at a time. Stay tuned for details!