Helpful Hints – Sellers

We want our delegates to feel as prepared as possible for our events so that they can get the most benefits possible out of our events. The following Helpful Hints will assist you in navigating this year’s virtual marketplace appointments. You can download the PDF of this information as well.

In addition to these Helpful Hints, we encourage you to review the Must-Know Info for this event.

  1. Complete your online profile
    Remember to include information for your target markets. If you are interested in seniors, educational, or receptive operators, remember to include information specific to each in your profile. This will help buyer’s to know if you are able to cater to the groups that they work with.
  • Research Each Buyer
    Ensure that you have products that are of interest to specific operators before requesting appointments with those operators. For example, if requesting an appointment with a student tours operator, be sure you have something to offer for youths.
  • Ready Your Presentation
    Each of your appointments is a total of eight (8) minutes in length with a minimum 1-minute rest in between. Be prepared to meet all your talking points within that time frame without speeding through it too quickly. Buyers appreciate sellers who take the time to know their business and treat their appointments like business meetings.

  • Upload your profile sheet
    You will be saving on paper and ink this year because your “single-page 3-hole-punched” profile sheet will be a PDF this year.  You can upload your short profile through the MyOMCA portal by clicking on Upload Virtual Appointment Profile Resource. You will see size limitations that you must adhere to. Note that the larger your file is, the longer it will take buyer to load and view it, decreasing the odds of it being read fully.
    Please keep your profile short and sweet. Include current features and promotions that you are offering for groups as well as your contact information. Just as with our in-person events, we ask that you send all brochures and additional promotional materials after the Marketplace event.

  • Video Sharing
    I you wish to use a video as part of your presentation, you may do so through screen sharing. Be sure to have your video queued and ready to go on your computer before your appointment to avoid any hiccups or wasted time.

  • Find Your Ideal Location
    Whether taking your appointments from home or from the office, be sure that you have a bright, quiet place that is free of distractions for the entirety of your appointments.

  • Flawless Connection
    Something we would never have thought of for our live events but will be vital for our virtual event is your internet connection. With COVID-19, we have lived in a virtual world for most of the year and you have likely participated in plenty of video meetings or webinars. Most internet connections will be able to handle video calls without issue, but if you have noticed any lagging, freezing, trouble connecting or your connections occasionally drops out during your recent video calls, please contact your internet provider before OMCA Marketplace to address the connection issues. You won’t want your internet to rob you of your chance to make profitable business connection.

  • Look Your Best
    Although you may be taking your appointments anywhere from your kitchen to your office, be sure to dress appropriately for a business meeting. We still require business-casual attire at this event and with the virtual platform, there are additional items to consider when looking your best such as lighting and camera angles.

  • Get Acquainted with a Live Tutorial
    Take a few minutes to review this recorded tutorial:

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask!