Must-Know Info

All registered delegates are asked to review this information carefully in preparation for the 2020 Virtual OMCA Marketplace November 9th & 10th.

  • Mandatory Features: Speakers, Microphone, Camera
    A laptop computer is the best bet for marketplace appointments because it is most likely to already have speakers, a microphone and a camera. These are the bare essentials for the face-to-face meetings at marketplace. The delegate you are meeting with needs to both see and hear you, and you need to see and hear them.
  • Marketplace Schedule is (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    If Eastern Standard Time is not your time zone, please adjust your timing accordingly in order to be in sync with event.
  • Use Google Chrome
    The OMCA Marketplace platform has been specifically designed to be most compatible with the web browser Google Chrome. We strongly recommend using this browser to avoid unwanted technical glitches. If you do not already have Google Chrome on your computer, you can download and install it at

    Pro Tip: Set Google Chrome as your default browser to be sure that every link you click is opened in Chrome.
  • Must have high-speed internet
    You can test your internet speed here: For the best experience, you should have a connection that is 10mbps or greater, both upload and download.
  • Do NOT use VPNs
    A VPN is a virtual private network that extends a private network across a public to protect the privacy of your data. If using VPN, it will require you to login before access the full network/internet.

    Most VPNs will block access to the virtual stream and some VPNs block access to your camera and microphone, so please avoid accessing the event over a VPN.
  • Download Zoom
    You will need to use the program Zoom for events such as breakfast and lunch sessions as well as the virtual social networking. For an optimal user experience, we ask that you download zoom and create a free account (if you haven’t already).
    You can download Zoom at
  • Sellers: Upload Your Profile Sheet
    Don’t forget to upload your PDF info sheet that you would like the Buyers to read before or after your appointment. This can be done in the MyOMCA portal by clicking on “Upload Virtual Appointment Profile Resource” and should be done prior to the event.
  • Look Your Best
    Watch this quick video on how to make a great impression in your by finding the right workspace, lighting and camera angle, plus tips for maintaining a professional presence during your appointments.

During Your Appointments

  • Check your Mic and Camera Upon Login
    During the event, test your mic and camera (top right corner of the Virtual Appointments portal) as soon as you log in. This will give you some time to get everything working and set up just right before your appointments begin.
  • Allow the System Access to your Camera and Microphone
    When you test your microphone and camera, you will receive a pop-up asking for permission to use your microphone and camera. you MUST click allow to be able to participate in the appointments.
  • Appointments Will Begin and End Automatically
    As long as you have opened the Virtual Appointment portal and tested your microphone and camera, there is nothing else that you need to do to access your appointments. At the start time of your appointment, the video feed from the person you are meeting with will automatically pop up in your browser.
  • Appointments Will End Automatically After 8 minutes
    All appointments are seven minutes long (with at least one minute in between). You will see a 1-minute warning before your appointment ends, signally you to wrap up the discussion. At the end of the 8 minute appointment, the video feed will disappear.
  • Inactive Persons Have Are not Signed In
    If one of the companies that you are meeting with have a status of inactive, that means that they have yet to log into the Virtual Appointments Portal. If the person you are meeting with fails to attend your appointment, please let OMCA know so that we may follow up with that delegate.
  • Action is Required for Zoom Events
    Some of the sponsored events at Breakfast and Lunch as well as the Social Networking events will require the use of Zoom. You will be prompted to open Zoom to join the event and, most importantly, you will need to close the Zoom window to return to your appointments.
  • Screen Sharing Available During Appointments
    If you wish to share images or videos from your computer during your appointment, you can do so by clicking the Share Screen icon that will appear at the bottom of your video feed. You will be asked to select which window you wish to share and click “Share”.
    Important: To share a video, you must click “Share Audio” before clicking “share”.
  • Help Is At Your Finger Tips
    During the event, there is a team on-call to address any issues you may be experiencing or questions that you may have. You can reach this support team by clicking the chat box in the lower right corner of the Virtual Appointments screen.
    You can also get help anytime by emailing