Coming to Canada

Great news – Canada lifted all of its remaining pandemic border restrictions, including mandatory proof of vaccination and random testing!

For available transportation methods to the event, click here.

Coming to Canada should be very simple for U.S. residents with a valid passport. Restrictions are lifted to cross into Canada and U.S. citizens can return to the U.S. without providing proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. However, non-residents travelling to the U.S. must provide proof of vaccination.

Travelling to Canada by air vs by land:

By Air By Land
Proof of Vax Required No No
Mandatory Proof of Negative COVID test No No
Valid Passport Required Yes Yes
Mandatory use of ArriveCAN No No
Masks Required during travel No No*
Possibility of Random Testing No No

* The shuttle service from Bufflo Airport to the conference recommends, but does not require the use of masks.