Important Dates

Below are the important dates to be aware of for the 2022 OMCA Marketplace. If you have any questions, please contact

May 16th:
Registration Opens

Registration is open to all members and future-members.
What is a future-member? Any company that is interested in OMCA Marketplace but is not currently a member can register at a premium price. We are confident that our event will be above and beyond your expectations, which is why we are confident that you will see enough value in membership to join OMCA and receive member discounts on registration in the future. View Registration Pricing

June 30th:
Supplier Draw Registration Deadline

Sellers registered by June 30th will be included in the Supplier Draw for a free 2023 Marketplace registration. The winner will be announced July 5th.

August 30th:
MyOMCA Portal Opens

The marketplace MyOMCA portal opens for delegates to review, update, and perfect their profiles before other delegates can review it. We encourage all members to review what their profile looks like in the MyOMCA portal and curate it to be as useful to other delegates as possible.

September 23rd:
Deadline to Cancel with Partial Refund

Cancellations of virtual appointment registrations made prior to or on September 23, 2022 are entitled to an 80% refund. There will be no refunds issued for cancellations made on or after September 23.
Note that cancellations made due to changes in the COVID-19 situation can be made after this deadline without penalty.

September 26th:

The excitement begins! Request appointments with the buyers/sellers that you are looking forward to talking to. Remember to order them from most preferred to least preferred as the scheduling algorithm will consider this when designing the appointment schedule.

October 14th:
Appointment Requests CLOSE

Get your selections in before October 14th to ensure that you are meeting with the companies you are most interested in. Sellers will have little to no appointments without submitting appointment requests.

October 21st:
Deadline to Book in the Hotel Room Block

Rooms must be booked by October 21st to obtain the OMCA preferred room rate. Click Here to Book Your Room

October 25th:
Schedules are released and manual scheduling opens

Your MyOMCA portal will give you access to your full appointment schedule and you will have the opportunity to manually request appointments with delegates that you hoped to meet with, but were not scheduled with. During manual scheduling, delegates must have matching appointment availability and requests must be manually accepted to be officially added to the schedule.

NOTE: With the use of the OMCA mobile app, manual changes to your appointment schedule can be made up to and including the days of the event. Any changes must be approved by both delegates involved in the appointment.

November 8th:
Virtual Marketplace Appointments

Buyers will meet with sellers that were only able to attend virtually. This low impact day gives sellers a chance to meet with tour operators even if they have too little time, staff or budget to attend OMCA Marketplace in Niagara Falls, ON.

November 13th – 16th:
Marketplace LIVE in Niagara Falls!

Finally back to our roots! This four day conference kicks off with the Sunday Night Evening Event and is followed by three days of appointments. See the full schedule at