Virtual Appointment Orientation

Don’t miss appointments on a technicality!

Delegates taking appointments virtually are strongly encouraged to quickly login to one of the following sessions to test that their connection to the virtual platform is flawless.

Often times, something as simple as a VPN or firewall setting can prevent you from accessing your appointments. Rather than spending half of your appointment time reconfiguring or missing appointments altogether, please join one of the following sessions with our expert tech team to ensure that you are all set for success!

Tech Check – Wednesday, November 2nd, 1pm ET – Completed

Tech Check – Thursday, November 3rd, 1pm ET
Click here to join the Nov. 3 tech check session

Be sure to use the same computer and internet connection that you plan to use for your November 8th appointments!

Totally new to our virtual Marketplace? Check out this recording of a past online orientation and let us know if you have any questions.