Alcohol & Drug Training

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Motor Coach Canada and Corridor Interactive have developed an efficient and economical e-training program for motor coach operators to meet regulatory requirements. This user-friendly learning platform meets government requirements and supports US DOT-regulated supervisor training compliance related to employee alcohol and drug programs. The primary audience for this program is supervisors of US DOT-regulated drivers. However, increasingly carriers are extending their alcohol and drug policies to other parts of their organization, where supervisors still need appropriate tools to implement those policies. In addition to the course for supervisors of (US DOT) regulated drivers, a separate course provides training for supervisors of non (US DOT) regulated staff.

Some features and benefits are:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible – train individually, anywhere and at learner’s own pace
  • Best-in-class subject matter expertise
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Achieve compliance within budget
  • Mitigate safety/financial/legal risks
  • Course completion records for employee file
  • Your “turn key” solution to compliance without unnecessary complexity

Member Pricing

Alcohol & Drug Training is $150.00 per person (before applicable taxes) for the following categories:

  • Supervisors of US-DOT regulated drivers
  • Supervisors on non US-DOT regulated drivers
  • Safety Managers, Designated Employer Reps, and Program Administrators
  • Employees subject to US-DOT regulations
  • Employees not subject to US-DOT regulations: