OMCA Member Webinars

Join us in a two-part, 6-session webinar series featuring member panels from each area of membership. Listen to candid discussions about what the group tour industry will look like as we move forward through this global pandemic.

All of the webinars in this series take place at 12pm EST. Dates and details are below.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Two additional webinars have been added in response to the June 25th webinar with Products and Service members. These new webinars will provide more detailed information from bus manufacturers on the protection measures available on a motor coach.

July 7th – A Conversation with Prevost
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July 14th – A Conversation with MCI

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Operator Series – June 2020

Supplier Series – July 2020

What do you want to discuss?
What questions or curiosities do you have regarding the resurgence of group travel and tourism? How can we help you plan the next steps in YOUR organization? Let us know!

  • July 9th – A Conversation with DMOs
    • Tour Operators learn what different Destination Marketing Organizations share on the reopening process of their city or region.
    • Topics include:
      • What seems to be the general attitude about travel in your area?
      • How has your marketing approach changed since the pandemic?
      • Will the recent funding announced for Canadian DMOs have an effect on your area? If so, how?
  • July 16th – A Conversation with Theatres and Attractions
    • Tour Operators get an update on how theatres and attractions will look in the new world and what restrictions and policies will be in place that might affect their tour groups.
    • Topics include:
      • What will the process be for off-loading groups and entering the establishment?
      • Will sanitizer stations be available?
      • How will washroom facilities be monitored or maintained to ensure public safety? Will there be occupancy limits in the washrooms? If so, will that be monitored?
  • July 23rd – A Conversation with Hotels and Restaurants
    • A chance for tour operators to learn about the strategies in place to keep their groups safe and confident about their visit.
    • Topics include:
      • Hotels: How will you handle group check-ins, especially for seniors who are unable to stand in a long line to get room keys?
      • Hotels: Will rooms have special cleaning in between guests including assurance that the bedspreads and blankets are fresh and clean?
      • Hotels: Will there still be coffee makers in the rooms? If so, will they be properly sanitized between guests?
      • Restaurants: Will there be seating restrictions?
      • Restaurants: Will buffets be replaced with pre-plated menu items?
      • Both: Will there be sanitizing stations available?

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If you have any questions about these webinars, please contact info@omca.com