What Membership Type is for You?

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Bus operators, by definition, are private companies that own motor coaches and/or other passenger vehicles and perform a variety of transportation services such as charters, retail tours, scheduled service, sightseeing, local receptive operations, school bus, package express, and special operations.

Tour operators, by definition, organize and sell outbound (as opposed to local area) tours for groups and frequently book motor coaches for their groups.

Any organization that is an accommodation, attraction, food service provider, destination marketing organization, retailer or tour service provider. Tour service and Local Receptive Operators also fall into this Tourism Supplier Membership category.

Products & Services members, by definition, include companies that provide products and/or services to OMCA operators. Examples include but are not limited to Insurance, Marketing, Online Travel-Booking/Internet Service, Consultant, Legal Service, Maintenance & Repair, Seating Manufacturer, Tires, Fuel, Brakes, Computer Software, Electronics, Engines, Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

How Membership Benefits You

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