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Motor Coach Canada and the Ontario Motor Coach Association are Canada’s premier group travel associations. From government relations and advocacy to connecting group tour operators with group-friendly suppliers, we support the growth and sustainability of North American group travel every step of the way.

OMCA membership is affordable, accessible and invaluable to your group tourism business.

Tour operator memberships start at $270 per year and the top benefits include:

  • Access to the membership directory and Group Tour Planner for trip planning
  • A savings of at least $500 through the OMCA Marketplace buyer incentive program (in partnership with Destination Ontario)

Tourism Supplier memberships start at $435 per year and the top benefits include:

  • Listing in the membership directory and Group Tour Planner for trip planning
  • A savings of $600 in OMCA Marketplace registration
  • Access to a complete Travel Trade Handbook to help reps new and old get the most out of their group marketing efforts
  • Connections to the group industry through webinars, communications, and events

Coach Operator memberships start at $750 per year and the top benefits include:

  • Invaluable information and advice
  • Industry advocacy
  • Regulatory updates and support
  • Face-to-Face Connections

We are here to help with everything you need to know when bringing your group to Canada. Our membership database and Marketplace event provide you with the Canadian destinations, attractions, accommodations and restaurants to support your itinerary. Our expertise and government connections can assist you in finding all the regulatory and border information you may need to know for your group.

Questions about crossing the border, hours of service or CVORs?
Contact our Safety and Regulatory Affairs Strategist:
Ray Cherrey,

The main tools available to connect group tour operators with tourism suppliers are:

  • The OMCA/MCC Group Tour Planner publication
    • Used by OMCA tour operators as a tour planning guidebook all year long
  • Online Membership Directory
    • Full membership list with contact information of decision-makers in each company
  • The OMCA Marketplace Event
    • One-on-one face-to-face appointments with group tour operators looking for products like yours
    • A more intimate than other Marketplace events makes it easy to connect with or without an appointment

The OMCA Marketplace is a lively and intimate conference which provides multiple opportunities for tour operators, motor coach operators and suppliers to connect. Key features of our Marketplace include:

  • 8-minute one-on-one face-to-face appointments between Tour Operators (buyers) and suppliers such as DMO/CVBs, attractions, accommodations, restaurants and charter bus companies.
  • Educational business sessions to keep all delegates in the know about today’s most important topics in the group tourism industry
  • Multiple networking events in the host city for a less formal way to connect with colleagues
  • A buyer incentive program, in partnership with Destination Ontario, to ease the process for buyers to attend
  • Two compact days of appointments to get our delegates back to the office ASAP
  • Weekday conference dates to help delegates maintain a healthy work-life balance

We take pride in our small-scale event because it ensures our delegates can connect with or without an appointment.

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