Important Information re Drivers Licence Status Check – May 21st

The Driver’s License Status Check is planned for the regularly scheduled run on Thursday May 21st, 2020.  The DLSC run provides a company with due diligence by regularly checking the validity of their drivers’ licenses.  While many drivers may currently be laid off, it is still important to check the status of drivers’ licenses if there is a chance those drivers could be driving between May and August to provide the due diligence for operators and carriers.

Special Message: We are very much aware of the challenges that businesses are facing during this unprecedented time.  Under normal circumstances, participating in each quarterly run is not optional, however, considering the exceptional reality we are all living with, we will be allowing companies to opt-out of the DLSC run this May.  You must notify us if you want to opt-out of the run.  The cut off to notify OMCA that you are opting out of the DLSC run is Friday May 15th, 2020.  Because the DLSC run is an automated process, if you do not let OMCA know that you want to opt-out of the run, your roster will run per usual and you will be charged based on the roster that exists in the system at the time of the run.

Every DLSC subscriber is required to either;

  1. Opt-out of the run by sending an email to ASAP (and by May 15th , 2020)
  2. Ensure the roster in the system is current and up to date before May 21st , 2020
    *Failing to do either of these will result in the processing of and invoicing for the most recently uploaded roster.

Please note: The Code W column is no longer required on your roster uploads as the regulations around it have changed. Please omit this column when uploading your roster.

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