6-Day Full P.R.I.D.E. Program

One-of-a-kind program that teaches fleet driver instructors how to properly train new and seasoned drivers.


February 9-14
March 15 – 20
May 3 – 8
July 12 – 17
August 9 – 14
October 18 – 23
November 22 – 27
December 6 – 11

View the 2020 P.R.I.D.E. Program brochure and Registration Form (PDF)

What You Receive

  •  “Signing Authority” certification from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in order to sign, upgrade and renew drivers’ licences on your own premises (if passing grade achieved and all other MTO requirements are met)
  • Indispensable techniques for classroom instruction, including the effective use of audio visual equipment, non-lecture format, and more
  • Proper facilitation skills, including climate setting, guided questioning, being an active listener, and giving positive feedback both in the classroom and on-board the vehicle.
  • Valuable in-vehicle information on HOW to properly teach pre-trip inspections, defensive driving, right and left turns, night driving and more
  • Effective techniques for dealing appropriately with the concerns and sentiments of new and seasoned trainees alike
  • One-on-one interaction with instructors and endless opportunities to exchange information among participants.

Contact Information

Michele O’Bright c/o The Ontario School Bus Association

Phone: 416-695-9965 x3

Fax: 416-695-9977

Email: mobright@telus.net