Week Four – A Message from the OMCA President

I’m humbled by the level of support and engagement of the OMCA members and want to assure you that the team is working hard to find policy solutions that benefit our members.

With business owners and operators still in the unbearable position of being unable to plan for the future of their businesses, it will be critical that governments provide clear guidelines and milestones for the reopening of our economy. It’s impossible for business to operate and plan for their future without this clarity. OMCA will continue to push for extended government supports and access to liquidity, while influencing policies and regulations that effect our members.

This week, we saw rapid tests being made available to businesses, climbing vaccination rates and case counts in most regions are being to drop. We are cautiously optimistic that soon we will move away from province-wide orders that force businesses to close and restrict people’s movements and are hopeful that we can open to localized travel sometime in the early the summer.

Should you have any questions or suggestions for OMCA, please feel free to reach out to me directly at vince@omca.com

Take care and stay safe.

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