OMCA President’s Update – June 25

Last week the government announced the first steps to reopening the Canadian border. This move was welcomed and long-overdue, but it falls far short of the comprehensive plan that OMCA and many other associations have been calling for. We will continue to advocate for a transparent plan with clear benchmarks to reopen the border. OMCA is disappointed that the government hasn’t provided clear benchmarks for border reopening to our members and Canadians. We will continue to add pressure and insist that we have a plan.

Both the Federal and Ontario governments look to kick off their summer breaks this week under speculations that they may not return before elections are called. With the continued traction and ramping up of the vaccination rollout over the summer, legislators will be spending the next few months reconnecting with constituents in their ridings on the BBQ circuit. This refers to the summer activities of Canadian politicians during the breaks from parliament and the provincial legislatures, and involves attending many community events to meet constituents. Although Covid will have changed some of these activities, they will provide our members with the opportunity to bump elbows with their elected officials and tell them directly what support the motor coach industry needs from them. It’s also a time when members can remind them about the economic impact of your company and the jobs in their riding that have been affected. 

This week David Coletto from Abacus Data released their latest report on the Canadian political landscape.  Key takeaways include; 1. If a federal election were held now, the Liberals would win 37% of the vote, the Conservatives 27%, the NDP 18%, the Green Party 5% and the BQ would get 39% in Quebec. The Liberals are up 3 points since mid-June, the Conservatives are down 2, and at the lowest vote share in over four years. And 2. The Liberals have a 13-point lead in Ontario, with 42% compared to 29% for the Conservatives and 19% for the NDP.

This polling data and the fact that election talks have started makes our advocacy work over the summer month vital for our association’s members. We will continue to raise our sectors profile, tell your stories, and provide government officials with the information they need to help our members. I encourage you to connect with your elected officials formally or informally (on the BBQ circuit) this summer. Collectively, we will ensure that our sector’s voice is heard.

 Thank you for your ongoing support and for your commitment to our association.
Vince Accardi

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