OMCA President’s Update – June 18th

OMCA continues to work in collaboration with advocacy partners like TIAC and TIAO to push for extended government relief programs and liquidity programs that work for our members and for a concrete date and plan to reopen the border. OMCA is pushing the findings from the Federal Governments’ own Expert Panel and we are asking for a plan to reopen the border. This plan must have details on the various types of travelers (vaccinated and non) plus those that are traveling with children who might be ineligible for vaccinations.

We know that a detailed strategy will be vital for many of you and that you need time to plan. The health and safety of Canadians continues to be of the utmost importance and is a shared commitment with our industry and our members. The continuing increase in vaccination rates is helping, consumers are feeling more confident, and we are hearing that our members are starting to get more inquiries for the late summer and fall bookings.

If you haven’t already done so, visit site, act and encourage your peers to do the same. Please remember to follow our social media channels and help us spread the word on what our industry needs from government.

Thank you,
Vince Accardi

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