President’s Update – May 28th

Tourism Week was very different again this year, OMCA participated by helping raise the awareness of our sectors on going challenges with governments and Canadian’s alike. Tourism Week is a seven-day coast to coast event which helps recognize Canada’s tourism economy, and the impact it has on every community across the country.

We continue to call on members to write their MP’s calling for an extension of the wage and rent subsidies and for a coordinated approach to opening borders. OMCA has created a template which you can find here. So far, between OMCA and MCC we have had over 75 letters sent, raising the awareness of our sector and helping us open the doors with these MPs. This campaign aligns our voices, so Thank You to all of you who have sent MP a letter. Each and every one helps.

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with the Director of Policy to Canada’s Minister of Transport. This meeting gave the association the opportunity to discuss policy issues we are facing and provide solutions for the Minister’s office to review. We discussed the need for sector specific support and will continue the dialog as we turn to rebuilding our sector.

As we continue to increase our advocacy efforts and actions to help keep our industry top of mind for government officials. We continue to meet with provincial and federal officials to detail the challenges we are facing and to highlight the gap in government relief programs. 

Please continue to share your stories with your regional MP and MPP. These grassroots connections are so vital to our work. OMCA will continue to align our collective voices, however, we can’t do this without you. We need your engagement and support.

Thank you,
Vince Accardi

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