Suppliers: Update Your Reopening Status

As we emerge from the pandemic, OMCA members will have varying capabilities in group tour offerings based on their location, business type, and governing restrictions. Members is the US have already seen a resurgence of tours, events, and general travel in many areas. In Canada, reopening is slower, and each province has a different plan for the return of tourism activities, with some areas recovering faster than others.

As such, tour operators are having a difficult time planning their 2021 tours with still so many unknowns. But OMCA has a plan to help:

Tourism Reopening Portal

We have launched a Tourism Reopening Portal where suppliers can provide updates on what their area or organization can do to accommodate groups and tour operators can search as broadly or specifically as they need to in order to find establishments that can accommodate their tours.

Please take the time to review the survey below and provide as many details as you are able to. We understand that some questions may still be unknown, and it is perfectly ok to leave them blank. We also understand that some questions may have a complicated or ‘case-by-case’ answer, so feel free to write ‘contact me’ in place of an answer. Naturally, this information will need to be updated regularly as regulations and policies change. We will do our part by sending reminders to review your answers at regular intervals.

Click Here to Provide Your Reopening Details

The search portal will be launched for Tour Operators to view your details on Friday, June 11th

*Note for U.S. suppliers*
We understand your frustration in updating Canadian operators while the border remains closed. While there is no real indication of when cross-border travel restrictions will be lifted, please use this tool as a means to prepare for the inevitable good news. Please provide any details you feel to be relevant upon border reopening, if possible. At the very least, please provide the best contact person to answer any questions that tour operators may have.

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